Kokko – Color Sisters

Color Sisters

Name: Color Sisters
Client: Kokko
Our Role: App Design, Conceptualization
Tags: Branding, Design, UI/UX
"Kokko's scientifically developed color matching technology enables brands and retailers to revolutionize ways to shop online — specifically when color selection matters the most."

I was tasked to develop the look and feel for an online smart AI algorithm that determines whats the best foundation for your skin, just by taking a photo of your face.

The project extended to explore how the interface could also determine lipstick color, eyeshadows, mascara, and others. It was also desired to integrate a social aspect where users could share their experiences and recommend other users color styles etc.

The design challenge consisted on showcasing simply, a really deeply-layered backend. The concept itself its pretty complex. Taking into consideration the user needs, an easily navigating approach was needed.
By holding a predetermined color palette next to the users face, Kokko’s algorithm understands what type of skin tone the user has. Matching it to a huge database containing thousands of skin tones, the application is able to suggest correctly whats the best foundation for the user.
After doing so, the user can purchase, on the same app, products suggested for her and share her experience with the social community.