Eats & Beats

Eats & Beats

Olio Novello, an olive oil made from olives picked off the tree early for their flavor. Our FreshDirect experts traveled to Sicily to hand-pick our custom blend of olives, making a flavor combination you won’t find anywhere else.

FreshDirect’s experts traveled to Sicily and found an amazing olive oil. Something outstanding I must say. To celebrate this discovery our marketing team created an event named “Eats & Beats”. A night of music, delicious FreshDirect foods and creativity dedicated to every truthful foodie out there.

Name: Eats & Beast FreshDirect llc.
Client: NY Community
Our Role: Art, Web
Tags: Branding, Photo, Logo

Finding the Right Feeling

Adding visual personality to Olive Oil

Understanding the humble beginnings of this particularly awesome olive oil, I wanted to hand draw all materials requested in order to give a seriously cool personality to this event. I was tasked to create a small booklet that showed our new exciting winter products, Olio Novello and a few recipes. I needed to create signs for each of the food stations, props for the photo booth, stickers, and 2 huge wallpapers were part of the designs displayed at the event.

The Route of the Precious Olive

As a final touch, I thought could be cool to create “the route of the olive”. A visual story of how Olio Novello was discovered. The event locale had a mirror going through the entire place,  was the perfect canvas for Olio Novello’s visual story. Utilizing acrylic markers, I got to draw the entire story, adding a layer of awesomeness to the event.