Vespa Branding

Vespa Branding

When a local branch of Vespa in NYC needed their branding redesigned, I was psyched and got totally immersed into the challenge. “Vespa represents the dreams and the desire for freedom of entire generations. The very name Vespa evokes memories of youth; transports the mind to thoughts of free time, beautiful weather, the pleasure of driving in the open air with the sun and wind on the skin.”

Name: Postcards and Posters
Client: Side Obsessions
Role: Creative Illustrations
Custom Approach

I always loved Vespa brand, and to be able to work freely on advertisement materials for Vespa Queens, was a great adventure.


Vespa Queens

I re-designed Vespa Queens website, social media, collateral materials, logos, premiums, t-shirts. Definitely was a sweet design ride!