Postcards & Posters

Postcards & Posters

These digital illustrations were intended to be part of a children’s book or a postcard company. They are part of stories and dreams that someday will become a reality. Always looking for the best way to reach into people’s heart and soul, my amazing friend Lisa, will come up with a sentence, a phrase or a thought, inspiring me to illustrate something related to it. Here are some of the results.

Name: Postcards and Posters
Client: Side Obsessions
Role: Creative Illustrations
Custom Arrangements

A full-on themed wedding with matching diving helmets. From invites to a website, everything had the same theme and looked totally fabulous.


Postcard Galore

One of the coolest projects I had the opportunity to ideate and design at FreshDirect was the “Month of Love”. We made witty postcards for customers and our own employees. A full sort of valentines advent calendar landing page, special communications, and custom products were also part of this fun month-wide campaign. It because so popular that it won an award.

Among other projects, I also played with funny looking produce that people usually don’t buy because they don’t seem perfect. But using a lil’ bit of creativity and humor, made these unusual veggies, pretty likable. These were mainly used on social media.