Inked & Digital Artworks

Inked & Digital Artworks

I’m an illustrator by nature. One of my first drawings was a rugged horse riding a speedboat. That little drawing still taped to the door of my dad’s workshop. I’ve always been obsessed with horses. Palominos and Pinto horses are my absolute favorites. When I was a child I was promised, the day I was able to draw a perfect horse, will be the day I’ll get one. At age ten, I got my dear horse, Principe…

Name: Eats & Beast FreshDirect llc.
Client: NY Community
Our Role: Art, Web
Tags: Branding, Photo, Logo

How to Draw a Perfect Horse

Digital Ipad Illustrations

After a lot of effort and observation, tons of art magazines, nature books, coloring books, and universal encyclopedias, I realized painting outside the lines on the drawings of my coloring books, it’s ok, and made more sense to me than carefully paint within the lines. My parents encouraged me to create, to explore different points of view, to figure out solutions. Even if I didn’t know what I was doing, I was definitely going to learn during the process.

My task was to draw a perfect horse, it didn’t matter how. It didn’t have to be through the conventional methods. I could draw it on a paper napkin, I could paint it with crayons or markers, I could draw it on the wall. As long the end result was a perfect, recognizable, horse, I could do it any way imaginable. Then, apparently, magic would happen and shazam! I a random horse will materialize? We’ll see.

From Crayons to Acrylics

I always wanted to explore different mediums. Crayons, markers, and pens were my first instruments. When my parents thought was right, they allowed me to paint with acrylics. A medium I loved the moment I used it. My parents, both professors, and artists knew exactly how to lead my creative impulse. We are a family of creators, that’s what I always say and they were able to guide each of us the right way. Because of this curiosity with different mediums, I took on using the Ipad as a creative tool. It allows me to use any medium to create amazing artworks. I wish I had an Ipad and the power of “undo” while growing up, would have been easier than throwing away sketch after failed sketch…

Magic is Real

As days, months and years passed, my obsession grew a lot. I was going to master the art of drawing the perfect horse. This lesson was so much bigger than just an obsession, this fascination made me practice so much, I truly believe is why I have so much dedication. In the morning of my tenth birthday, I couldn’t believe what I saw right outside my home’s front fence! Only a few days ago my parents determined I had drawn a perfect couple of horses fighting in the middle of a field. That day, incredibly, a horse materialized right outside my door. A beautiful blue eye, blonde, medium-sized mustang. Magic suddenly became reality. For me, this was the result of years of believing that I had the power of materializing it out of thin air just by drawing it. Today I still believe every single creature I create, will eventually turn to be alive.

The horses drawing still hanging at our country house. The last time I saw it, the paper was already too damaged to be able to define how was the original drawing. But before it totally disappeared, I remade the illustration when in high school. With real acrylics, this time, a canvas, brushes and with a little more understanding of technique and mediums. My mom found this picture of my dad and brother looking at the painting, I didn’t even remember it existed!