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Eats & Drinks

Some time ago there was a bar in Astoria, Queens, NY named Gleeson’s. For a long time, that bar had seen the best and worst of Queens. A few months ago their new owners decided to give it a new life, new meaning, and a new look. I was challenged by Chef Frank Maldonado to do so.

The old’ Gliesen’s transformed into Eats & Drinks Gastrobar. Astoria is a tough place to open a bar/restaurant and get recognized. The area is full of them. From burger joints to middle eastern food, all in one place. So how do I do to come up with a concept that will draw much-needed attention?…

Name: Eats & Drinks Gastrobar
Role: Ideation, Brand, Web, Social Media, Packaging, Marketing, Programming, Execution
Tags: Print, Branding, Photo, Logo, Prototyping

Brand Awareness

Industrial chic

One of my tasks was to ideate a concept strong for men and women without being corny and disrespectful. My clients specified they wanted the female audience to feel comfortable and safe when at the bar ( something that ol’ Gliesen’s lacked). That’s how “industrial/chic” came along. Eats & Drinks Gastrobar combine utilitarian design with worn textures and the warmth of raw, aged woods. “Industrial chic is a no-nonsense style that makes use of vintage and salvaged items and is often favored by fans of “green” design”. Is warm and Strong at the same time.

Mobile Experience

An Instagrammable Ambiance

We made it simple for foodies to snap the perfect pic wherever the stand in the restaurant. The website is optimized for mobile and tablets, also responsive. The food is outstanding and totally instagrammable. The decor also includes several murals I painted, in order to create the perfect fun and elegant juxtaposition of delicate toughness.